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Golf Theme Party Ideas

By admin - Posted on 30 August 2008

Celebrate Special Occasions With Golf

What golf enthusiast would not want to celebrate special occasions centering on golf? For a golf fan, there is no other way of spending a nice party than making use of unique golf theme party ideas. If the celebrator is big on golfing, planning a golf themed party takes up his love for the sport into a whole new level.

Tips for Planning Your Golf Themed Party

To start the planning, one must think of a unique idea with which the party will progress. For starters, details of invitations, décor ideas, menu and even games where guests can relax and meet other guest must be taken in consideration. For invitations, golf themed cards or templates can be used. The host may even personalize or customize his invitation by including his picture in his golf attire, just to tell something about the party theme. Playing along with the party, he may even request the guests to come in their golf attire. Limitless ideas can be used in making golf-themed invitation cards. Just remember to make it fun and unique.

Table Settings for Your Golf Theme Party

Included in a number of golf theme party ideas are table settings and guest seating arrangements. To make the guests feel like they are just going to their golf game, putting golf flags or a unique arrangement of golf items at the middle of the table makes a good custom centerpiece. Golf bag tags can be used as napkin rings on which you can put text that tells about the occasion or the celebrator and the date of the party in the clear imprint. These tags can also double as a party favor as your guests can take them home. To complete an outdoorsy feel in the venue set-up, you can also include “greens” into the table setting. For one, uniquely shaped and green placemats can do just the trick in getting an attractive green surface. When it comes to party favors, you can make use of certain golf items as your inspiration.

Ideas for Party Games

During the party, fun games can work wonders in putting the guests in a great mood. Even adults love to enjoy simple games, particularly those that are related to the theme. With enough creativity, the host can manage to orchestrate an engaging activity, which will jump-start the guests’ party mood. And the classic way is by playing a game, that is, a golf game. The party can start with a mini tournament by setting up a mini course, complete with nine holes, where guests can start mingling as they divide themselves into teams. Complete that with a mock awards ceremony and you get a mini tournament in honor of the occasion.

Menu Ideas for Your Golf Themed Party

Of course, you will need to complement your golf theme party ideas with a power menu. No party is complete without great food. The right menu can make your party extravagant, a simple sit-down dinner or an intimate get-together since food never fails to setup the mood of any party. Since golf is an outdoor game, you may wind up a great selection of barbecues or a selection of grilled and sauced dishes. However, everything depends on the host’s preferences. Usually, the menu depends on the food budget or on the dining style that a host chooses for the party.

As the Host, You Need to Relax

When the party is upon the host, there is actually  no need to stress out on certain party details. Careful planning can make any of the golf theme party ideas work. Just remember that a successful party not only satisfies the guests but the host as well.


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